OPC-UA Client for WinCC V7

Browser and Channel-DLL for Simatic WinCC to communicate with OPC Unified Architecture Servers.

Key Features

  • Sign and Encrypted connections
  • High performant implementation to reach limits of Simatic WinCC documentation for communication channels
  • No build in limitations like number of variables or connections
  • Comfortable browsing through the address space
  • Support of Array Datatypes. Either with direct mapping to one element or the whole array itself.
  • OPC UA Compliance Certified

Product description

Enables process communication of Simatic WinCC with OPC Unified Architecture Servers (data Access) via Ethernet TCP/IP and the OPC Unified Architecture binary protocol.

The Software package contains the channel-DLL (OPCUA.chn) and a browsing tool (UATags.exe), which enables the discovery of OPC UA Servers via the OPC UA Discovery Service to find OPC UA Servers in the network or specific machines. With the tool it's easy to navigate through the address space of the choosen OPC UA Server and choose the node which then will be automatically added to the Simatic WinCC Project. The needed connections in the WinCC Tag Management will also be created automatically and will be parameterized due to the choosen endpoint.

The channel will take care of the sucscription and monitored item Management and will create and parameterized them according to the use of the tags in the Simatic WinCC Project. Of course single or multiple tags can also be read in C-/VBA-Scripts, like in other channels.

For an easy overview of the address space, the browser does also give the opportunity to read and write single variables.

This solution has full Support of security mechanism (Sign and SignAndEncrypt) as well as User Access Control. The entered username and password are stored encrypted in the project, so they won't be needed when reactivating the project.

my name is Alexander Allmendinger. I'm responsible for the selling of our Simatic WinCC Channels. I would love to here from you and answer your open questions and give advice for your next steps with the technology, our products and services.

You can call me under +49 (7161) 3542853
or writing me a mail to info@allmendinger.de.

System requirements

  • Standard-PC with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016
  • Application Package Simatic WinCC V7.X (on Request also for WinCC V6)